About Us

Colorado Plateau Foundation strengthens Native-led organizations in order to sustain Colorado Plateau lands, waters, and cultures for generations to come.
Our Native-led foundation funds activities that strengthen and stabilize the Plateau’s tribal organizations—specifically those working to protect water and sacred sites, preserve languages, and improve the physical and spiritual health of our communities. Formed in 2012, our local and culturally centered model of giving blends strong relationships, tailored support, and capacity building to catalyze meaningful and lasting change.

We are a Native-led organization comprised of people of the Colorado Plateau.
We come from different tribes and are unified in our commitment to protecting the lands, waters, and cultures of the Colorado Plateau. Our multigenerational team includes the voices and vision of our young people and elders.

We envision Native-led organizations effectively guiding and protecting the cultures and environments of the Colorado Plateau.
We invest in Native-led organizations working in four priority areas, which are now central to the Native conservation movement on the Colorado Plateau:

  • Protection of water
  • Protection of sacred places and endangered landscapes
  • Preservation of Native languages
  • Sustainable, community-based agriculture

These areas emerged from a series of deep intertribal discussions. Cultural leaders identified these areas as requiring immediate and sustained attention. Our foundation was created to help organizations attend to these priorities with confidence, strength, and effectiveness.

Our grants focus on building skills and leadership capabilities.
We invest in building the capacity of people to implement their programs effectively. By strengthening Native-led organizations from the inside out, they can achieve their intended impact and grow to scale.