Project Description

Advancing Communities Foundation


The mission of the Advancing Communities Foundation is to provide on-the-ground training to individuals and organizations already working on the betterment of their community, particularly focusing on four key project areas: 1) Environmental Stewardship; 2) Leadership Development; 3) Educational Attainment; and 4) Public Health.

ACF benefits from having an all federally- recognized Native American Board of Directors with years of experience working in Indian Country, grant management and project implementation. Oftentimes, reservation communities have dedicated individuals, small projects, or grassroots coalitions; but may lack access to qualified professionals in the organizational development or environmental science fields. The Advancing Communities Foundation aims to bridge the gap between local traditional environmental knowledge and credentialed individuals/organizations in order to achieve community goals through community participation.

Years Supported: 2016, 2017, 2018
Grant Type: Protection of Water