Meet Our Grantees


This years funding that we received from the Colorado Plateau Foundation is going towards connecting to modern technology. Because everyone is on their phones 24/7, how can we put our language in the phones? So currently we’re looking at ways to create a language phone app. Nothing culturally sensitive, but just every day language. With grantors like the Colorado Plateau Foundation that provide that funding for us, the Acoma people benefit from it.

Nolan Valdo, Acoma Learning Center

The specific grant for this cycle will be a series of six workshops. The average individual out on Hopi is not aware of some of the issues we have. The very last presentation will be a teaching where we show specifically what to do in regards to a natural process for removing arsenic from the water, because it can be done using natural elements like rock and sediment.

Yolanda Polequaptewa, Advancing Communities Foundation

Our organization is advocating for preserving and protecting our Navajo Churro sheep breed. We recently applied to the Colorado Plateau Foundation about a year ago. The grant was able to help us with technical assistance and to also provide financial training within our organization. That just helps us improve our self-sufficiency.

Aretta Begay, Dine Be’ Iina Inc., The Navajo Lifeway